23 April 2014


In the car on the way to school...

Mack:  Pinkleberry, what should I draw?
Pink: Moi, je ne sais pas.
Mack:  You don't say "moi, je ne sais pas."  You just say  "je ne sais pas."  There's no point to saying "moi, je ne sais pas."
Me:  Actually, "moi, je ne sais pas" is like saying "I don't know."  And "je ne sais pas" is kind of like "I dunno."  The moi emphasizes the I.
Mack:  Ok, Pinkleberry.  If you want to be rude or sarcastic say "moi, je ne sais pas."  Otherwise, just say "je ne sais pas."  You'll say that a lot in fourth grade.

22 April 2014


Wiyah got invisalign braces on today.  Only 34 more weeks to go!

Me:  I like looking at them.  I just want to see them.  They don't look like they should hurt.
Wiyah:  They do.
Me:  Other than hurting, what do they feel like?
Wiyah:  Aside from being rough....they feel....really smooth.

Limping Along

Back in our heyday I had a laptop, the Hubba had a laptop, and we had two desktop computers for the kids.  Then my laptop died and the Hubba got me a new one for my birthday.  Then one of our desktops stopped working.  I thought it was just the monitor, but even after swapping out monitors with our slower computer, the screen was still black.  And then the Hubba's laptop gave up the ghost.  And now our last slow desktop is non-functioning.  Which means we are just left with my laptop.  It's kind of like going back to dial-up.  At least that's what it feels like.  It used to be that I could do my stuff whenever I wanted (like blog!).  But now I'm gone all day and when I come home there are four or more other people who NEED to use a computer and then there are usually more than four people who WANT to use a computer and we are way backlogged.  It's hard.

For the six months that my in-laws served a mission in New Zealand, we had the use of their car.  It was really nice and introduced quite a bit of down time for me since I wasn't chauffeuring everywhere anymore.  Well, their mission ended about ten days ago and they took their car home with them.  I knew it would be hard to go back.  I had analyzed the situation in my head, you know?  But the week they took their car was actually spring break and Wiyah happened to be in Disneyworld (that's a whole other story!) anyway.

All of a sudden, Monday morning dawned dark and early and after I woke up Wiyah, the first words out of her mouth were "How am I getting to school this morning?"  You know that analyzing I said I had done?  Yeah, I hadn't even thought about THAT!  And then today. TODAY.  Oh, help me.  The crazy scheduling, the ridiculous driving back and forth and everywhere twice again.  All I can say is that when my in-laws took their car back, I decreased the amount we had budgeted for gas, because like an idiot I was thinking now we have fewer cars, which means we will use less gas.  So all I can tell you is that I blew threw HALF A TANK--and in the mega van that's 15 gallons--IN TWO DAYS.  I'm dying.  Plus I'm exhausted from the driving.

This morning I realized that it's a part-time job just getting people ready and out the door in the morning.  I'm not kidding.  I wake up at 5am and get the big boys off to early morning seminary.  Then comes Wiyah, the Hubba, Kelvinator, Mack and Pink all overlapping a little bit.  As soon as they are all out of the house, then I get to concentrate on getting myself and Winkleberry ready and out the door in the mornings.  That takes me until 9 or 9:30.  That means the first four hours of my morning are spent getting people ready and gone.  And 4 hours per day is a part time job.  And after that, my REAL day begins.

And my real days lately are a little bit crazy.  I'm spending lots of time at our new office, getting that up and running.  I mentioned before that I was the new office manager.  I was at the point in life where I was considering what I would do when Wink was in school full time.  I know I've talked bout that before.  And I had come to the decision that I was still going to be a stay at home mom.  That I wanted all those benefits for my kids, even if they were gone at school all day.  Then the Hubba was expanding his business and needed help and it was killing me because those things he needed to get done are things that drive me crazy to leave undone and I'm on top of those kinds of things--finding out the information and moving ahead.  So I offered to help him out.

It felt different to me than just taking any old job.  I felt that "any old job" would be taking me away from my home and family.  But this job was not that.  First of all, it was not "just a job."  It was building something for my family.  And not only was it building something for my family, it was building something with my family.  I'm working with my husband every day.  So it used to be that he would leave in the morning and not come home until sometimes late in the evening.  But now I get to see him almost all day long and we get to work on things together.  Our teens are hired employees there as well.  So far, they have worked minimal hours, but we anticipate that will change as the track season ends.  Winkleberry comes to work with me when she's not in kindergarten.  I help her with her homework and she gets to show her dad her art work.  She plays on a computer or watches a movie sometimes.  It's not ideal.  But honestly, it's not much worse than it would be if she were at home anyway.  I pick up the little kids from school and we go back to the office (which is between home and schools) while I wait for the big kids to get done with track practice and have to go back to pick them up.  There's usually not time for them to really get started on homework, so they relax at our office and watch a little pbskids.  My boss is totally understanding about when I need time off or have to leave early to pick kids up.  So it's kind of the perfect job.  And that's why I felt good about doing it.

Another mistake I made, though, was thinking that because this felt right and good that that was all there was to it.  I still have to figure out how to get dinner on the table and wash the mountains of laundry (without a dryer!) and wash the dishes (without a dishwasher!) and all of that stuff.  I know that shouldn't have surprised me.  It's not like we don't all know the plight of working mothers.  But I was still overwhelmingly surprised by it.  By the way, I think I've made dinner like once.  If it weren't for the Hubba cooking, we wouldn't be eating evening meals.

One thing that feels good about working at the office is that I have talents and strengths that actually coincide with the work being asked of me.  Unlike all things domestic and most things parenting, where I feel like I have no skills whatsoever to help with my daily tasks, I'm actually a pretty good office manager/assistant.  I love to hear the Hubba say how grateful he is and that he can't believe all that I'm able to get done.  I also love when he tells me about things that need to be done and I've already done them.  I'm good at this.   "And I could never say that about housecleaning," she whispered from the belly of the infernal pits of clutter and filth.

Anyway...That's that.

In other news and on top of everything else, I'm still teaching childbirth classes and I have two callings at church (choir director and bear den leader).

I think there was more I wanted to say but all the responsible people are gone at meetings tonight so if my little ones are going to eat, it's got to be me.  And it's 7:45pm so.....

19 April 2014


Mack:  I just learned a good way to ditch people.
Me:  Oh yeah?  What's that?
Mack:  You do something that involves you going out of the room, and then you just leave.

17 April 2014


Pink and Mack were playing with lightsabers in the kitchen.  Suddenly Pink started howling.  I went in and found her on the floor crying...

Mack:  Oh, sorry, Pinkleberry.  Are you okay?......Are you okay?
Pink:  (howling and crying in pain)
Mack:  Okaaaay.  I'll take that as a "no."


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