26 May 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Today we took a family hike up a local canyon to a little lake.  It was SUPER crowded on the trail and at the lake.  Still, it was nice to "get away" and do something together as a family.  I think the kids could have stayed throwing rocks in the lake all day.  Except for hunger.  This is essentially the first time I'm seeing these photos.  It was so bright out that I couldn't actually see the screen.

I'm not a huge fan of hiking.  It's not my thing.  I find it physically exhausting but also going up and down mountains is mentally exhausting for someone afraid of heights.  Even just some of the steep inclines where there is no drop off in sight.  Anyway.  It's especially hard for me with kids because it's all I can do just to keep myself from freaking out.  When a little girl needs a hand or reassurance...  Well, that's hard for me to do.  Anyway, the boys were far ahead of us girls on the hike and when I rounded a bend, I saw that JJ and X were already almost at the top of this huge...what is it?  It was really high and super steep.  I did not like that they were up there.

Kelvinator and Mack were on their way up.  I immediately called to Mack that he should probably come right back down here.  And then I called back up.  "Never mind.  Go ahead."  And I tried not to look.  Then Pink and Wink started up and I just, turned around and let them go.  Finally we just needed to head down and I called to everyone to come.  The big boys practically ran down this thing.  The little boys took it slower.  Winkleberry was stuck at the top.  I sent JJ back up to go get her and he helped her down.

After we got home, we vegged for about 90 minutes before heading over to a neighbor's house for a BBQ.  It was a fun day.

So fun, in fact, that when it was time for bed I just hated the idea of getting the kids ready and doing scriptures and prayer and sending them to bed.  It was just a lovely spring evening, still bright out, and they were watching a movie.  It was the kind of long evening where you don't want to think about school and work in the morning or making lunches.  The Hubba came home from picking up the Memorial Day flags and expressed to me the same feeling.

So we decided to just go with that and feed them ice cream for dinner and let them stay up late watching The Hobbit and have a "sleepover" in the family room.  On a school night!  It was actually really nice in the morning when I needed to wake them up.  I could just sing the wake up song and talk to them all at once from the kitchen instead of having to stop what I'm doing, go upstairs and wake each kid separately in two different rooms.

However, everyone was late this morning.  So there is a downside.

25 May 2015

Missing Wiyah

This weekend has been a doozy.  I don't know how, exactly, this deep yearning for my daughter got started.  Or when.  But man.  I sure do miss her.

When Baboo was nearing the end of her mission, Wiyah and I put all of her letters home/blog posts and photos and compiled them into a book that we published.  It was a beast, let me tell you.  We had to change all the fake names we used for privacy back to the original names, create the layout of the book.  Edit it.  The worst part was that Baboo had made captions for almost every single photo she sent home.  And she sent home a ton of photos!  That was the part I hated most, putting the captions with the right photos.  Sometimes I would work for days and only finish a few weeks worth of letters.

But Wiyah was right there with me.  Some days she would work on it and then the next few days I would.  In fact, she was the one who figured out how to create our own page layouts rather than just using the pre-designed ones, which was a life-saver.  Towards the end of the project, as things were getting really frantic (because Baboo was home already and it was getting closer to Christmas!) Wiyah had less and less time to give to the project because she was prepping for her own mission.  But even so, I could groan to her or text her and she would always offer encouragement and tell me how amazing I was.

When Wiyah left on her mission, I decided that it was foolish to wait until the end to do all that work and that I should keep up with her book as she writes home weekly.  But I didn't do it.  I procrastinated.  I wanted to tell her what an idiot I was being about it, but it seemed like not the write thing to do about a gift you were trying to give.  And yet, I really wanted her in on it because I knew she would understand.  So I have slaved for the past week trying to catch up on 4.5 months worth of mission.  No one around my house really understood what I was doing or why it was so difficult and I just wanted my Wiyah!

But there have been other things, too.  Just times when I have missed her knowing what needed to be done and us working together without even having to talk.  And today we took a family hike and I think it's the kind of thing she would have loved and she would have added to the fun.

While we were on the hike, she was writing emails home and it was the best time I've had emailing her yet.  I felt so close to her.

My last day of work in the office last week, I was cleaning up and came across a pad of sticky notes that had been buried and she had drawn little doodles and pictures for me.  The Hubba's office wall is FULL of little animals that she had drawn and stuck up there.  I miss the Just Dance parties in my office with the blinds closed and the doors shut when work was tedious or boring.  Or getting out of the freezing cold office and sitting out in the sun for a while with her.

I miss her laugh and talking with her.


And even when she comes back.  She won't really be back.  We'll have just a couple weeks before she leaves the state for college.

24 May 2015


I was trying to make dinner and things were a little chaotic.  Meanwhile, Winkleberry was practicing her handstands in the family room.  She kept saying, "Mom, look!"  But every time I would look over, she had already fallen.  She was interrupting my cooking about every 30 seconds and I was beginning to get frustrated...

Wink:  Mom, did you see that?
Me:  No.  And I really can't keep looking right now.  I've got to make dinner.

(she does another handstand)

Pink:  Winkleberry, that was awesome!  Your legs were almost straight up in the air.  That's the best handstand you've ever done!
Wink:  I know!

Thanks, Pink.  Thanks for watching my back and filling in my gaps, big sis.

22 May 2015


Sitting next to X in the car as we are driving to take him out to dinner for his 16th birthday, he tells me that he has a date the next day.  I was surprised and the Hubba was asking him details about who it was with and what they were doing.  I was giving him a look...

X:  Mom!  I'm just kidding!  I don't have a date.  You know you're my only girl!

Then later on, he and the Hubba were singing a song and the lyric was something about a girl's beautiful face and X reached over and stroked my cheek.


21 May 2015

Scripture Study in a British Accent

Somehow, about 2/3 of the way through our family scripture study tonight, Baboo started reading with a British accent and everyone kept it up for a round.  Winkleberry was leaning in to me and it came her turn to try and read in a British accent.

I don't even.....

It started out sounding vaguely French for the first two words.  After that, it deteriorated into something I don't know what.  I was trying so hard not to laugh.  I was doing a great job of not making any sound.  But the heaving of my stomach as I stifled the laugh was obvious since she was kind of leaning on my belly.  So I forced myself to stop even that.

But then it was my turn to read.  And it was more than I could bear.  Everything I had been holding in and holding back finally came out my eyes and I started crying.  I tried to read.  But I just couldn't.  I finally got through my verse and Winkleberry said, "Mom, why are you crying?"  I really didn't want to hurt her feelings so I tried to just blow it off.  But she kept persisting on asking me while she rubbed my back to try and make me feel better.  Luckily, the rest of my family came to my aid by telling her how silly we were all being and suggesting that that was why I was crying.

I love scripture study.  I think this may actually be part of the reason why God wants us to do this every day.


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