09 February 2016


Baboo was finishing up dinner and Mack and Kelvinator were setting the table...

Mack:  If I stress-eat, I'm going to make sure I have donuts out.

Valentine's Day 2016

1.  What is one thing you've learned from your dad about what good husbands should do?

Wink:  Take care of the wife.  (How?)  By for the first year of having the wife, taking care of all the needs she needs.
Pink:  He plays with his kids and he's really funny.
Mack:  They should always do the right choices and make sure that the family stays alive,  and like tell funny jokes and not just telling people what to do.
K:  They should provide for the family and protect the family and love their wife.
X:  NOTHING!  I'm just kidding.  Just kidding.  I love you, Dad.  And I'm sure Mom loves you, too.  What was the question again?  They have to be playful, slightly annoying at some times when it's needed.  They have to love their wife and their family.
Baboo:  Be committed to the gospel.

2.  What is one thing you've learned from your mom about what good wives should do?

Wink:  Good wives should take care of their babies and do things like feed and take care of diapers and take care of people who are throwing up and sick.
Pink:  Make sure that the kids do wonderful things and learn correctly.
Mack:  Good wives should help their children learn and prepare them for the future and their lives.
K:  They should nurture.  (Are you just quoting from the proclamation on the family?)  yeah, pretty much.  They should love and teach.
X:  They have to give their husbands a little slap sometimes.  They have to love their husbands, be devoted.  They both have to love each other enough to sacrifice stuff for each other.
Baboo:  Love cooking.  I'm just kidding.  Have faithful prayers.

3.  What do you think is the key to success in a happy marriage?

Wink:  To remember God and to be happy and to remember what you should do in life.
Pink:  A lot and a lot of love.
Mack:  Keeping the covenants and making sure that you know that the person you're marrying is the right one.
K:  Getting married in the temple and following the commandments.
X:  Devotion, love.  Money, if you're a girl.  Just sayin'.
Baboo:  Putting the other person above yourself, not letting your own pride get in the way.

4.  What type of person do you think your dad would like you to date?

Wink:  A kind and churchful person who knows a lot of good things and takes care of, like, everyone.  And someone I know.
Pink:  Someone strong.  Someone who isn't that rich but can get a nice house.  And someone who is faithful and loves the church and never doubted it.
Mack:  A nice, generous person who cares and in some cases is richer, or is somewhat rich.
K:  A girl who has high standards and who keeps the commandments and is pretty and smart.
X:  Somebody who keeps the standards of the church, they're fun, pretty...  Smart.
Baboo:  I'll withhold my snarky comments with this question and what I suspect the next question is.  A really good person.

5.  What type of person do you think your mom would like you to date?

Wink:  A nice, courageable man who knows the right things.
Pink:  Same thing.
Mack:  Same as the kind of person my dad would want me to date.
K:  Someone who knows how to cook.  Wait are you saying date or marry?  (What do you want me to say?)  Well I don't know, cause that could change my answer.  (Do both then)  For a marriage, pretty much the same stuff as what Dad would want me to do except someone who knows how to cook and can help our kids while I'm gone.  And for a date, someone who has high standards and follows the gospel.
X:  Nobody.  She tells me all the time.
Baboo:  Not a doctor.  Preferably a masseuse or a chiropractor.  Also someone who is really good.  And apparently has to be a god when it comes to good looks.

6.  What is your favorite saying on a candy heart?

Wink:  "I love valentine's day."
Pink:  What is that?  (You know those candy hearts that have words written on them?)  The ones I get don't have words.  "You're the best"  (So you have seen those words?)  I've never seen one that I've gotten, but someone showed me one.
Mack:  I only remember one and it's "You are mine" so I guess that's it.
K:  I can't think of anything.  Ok, fine.  "I love you".  I haven't had those in forever.
X:  Oh, those disgusting things?  I don't know.  I don't usually read them before I eat them.  Even though they're disgusting.
Baboo:  (snorts) I think they're all stupid.

7.  How should you ask someone to be your valentine?

Wink:  To give them a few candies and ask them a note.  Hey Mom, what do people do after they ask someone to be their valentine?  Do they go on a date or what?
Pink:  I think that you should ask them sincerely but it might be scary to say it in person so maybe you write it on a note.  Like say "Will you please be my valentine?" and then their name.  Or if you want to say it in person say the person's name and then "Will you please be my valentine this year?"  And then if they say yes or no then you can be okay with that.  But yeah.
Mack:  You're going to love this one!  So you walk in the middle of a group of your friends during lunch and you walk by your future valentine's table.  You have a bunch of chocolates and flowers and a note that says your name and the question "Will you be my Valentine?"  You shove it at her and run off with all your friends.
K:  You get them a box of chocolates and a flower and you go up to them and you say, "So-and-so, will you be my valentine?"
X:  You could probably get them some chocolates and then ask them to be your valentine.
Baboo:  I don't ever see myself in the position to ever ask someone to be my valentine specifically.  Like if I had a valentine, we'd probably be dating before hand and there would be no need to ask.

8.  What is the most obvious sign that someone loves you?

Wink:  Once they stare at you for a while or do the (shows me the sign of "bunny ears" behind her head and whispers...)  "turn around and kiss me thing".  And if they write a valentine card to me and say,  "Will you be my valentine?", and if they, like, hug me.  And if they care about me.  Because once Chris put his hand on my forehead because I was cold.  And he put his jacket fuzz on my forehead and he held my arm once when no one else would listen to him except for me.  
Pink:  Well people have told me that if someone's mean to you or smiles at you while they're hurting you, that means that they like you.  And also if they might ask you to be their valentine or something like that.  Or if they ask you on dates if you're old....er than you are.
Mack:  When they act differently around you than other people.  Like they might act tougher for boys and girls act like they hate the boys sometimes.
K:  At what age?  (The age you are now?)  They're like all flirty around you.  They are flirty-birdy.  And every time you look at them they start laughing with their friends like "oh my gosh!"  
X:  When they're willing to sacrifice a lot of stuff to accommodate your needs.
Baboo:  LOVES??  Like family love or like gooey love?  (That's a good question.)  Well what's your answer?  (whichever one you want to answer.)  Well it depends on the question.  I have different answers. (Do both.)  Okay.  Family love--when they don't think I'm an idiot.  (You have high standards.)  And just when they think to do something thoughtful.  The crappy love--When they notice things about me that aren't the shallow things to notice about someone and when they go out of their way to understand my needs and then fulfill them.

9.  If there is someone you currently like, what is their most endearing quality?

Wink:  He cares about me a lot.  He does cool things.  His name is Chris.  Like, I only slightly like him.  Because the rest of it I just care about everyone.  So, yeah.
Pink:  Well, this person is really smart.  Well there's two boys and they're really REALLY smart.  And yeah.  That's pretty much it.  Also, they're funny!
Mack:  Ok, first, I don't have a crush and second, I don't know.  Hair?
K:  This should be an easy question because on the campout Dad made me go through my top five and asked me why I liked them.  So this should be easy, but I don't know.  I guess how good-natured they are.
X:  I don't really like anybody right now.  But if I did, they'd have to be funny, fun, humorous.
Baboo:  His humility.

10.  What's the best way for dads to show daughters their love?

Wink:  To remind them about God and to care and love them and hug them, kiss them.  Do everything for them.
Pink:  I have no idea.  But playing with them and kissing them and saying "I love you" might be ways.
Mack:  They act kind around them.
K:  By telling them how beautiful they are and what they like about them.
X:  Tell them frequently and often, give them advice, beat up their boyfriends occasionally.
Baboo:  Spend time with them.

11.  What's the best way for moms to show sons their love?

Wink:  The same way.
Pink:  They say nice things and they comfort them and they help them and they kiss them.
Mack:  A little bit of humor and helpfulness.
K:   I want to say something new and not just what I answered the previous question.  (So you think moms should tell their sons how beautiful they are?)  Well, how handsome!  And saying what they like about them and letting them know how much they mean to them.
X:  Again, tell them that they love them, hugs and kisses, and also advice.  And just talking.
Baboo:  Like, smother them.

12.  If you could have a Valentine's wish for a sibling, what would it be?

Wink:  To make them a good life.
Pink:  Well, I don't know.  I want my sister to have her favorite doll that she misses and broke and doesn't work.  And she has the clothes, but not the doll anymore.
Mack:  Does it have to be about valentines?  (No.)  So just ANY wish?  Can I count myself?  Chocolates.
K:  That Mack could actually learn that it's not a bad thing to like a girl.  (Does Mack not like girls yet?)  Nope.  Not at all.  He rates them all like fives.  And some of them he rates as threes.  He's so mean!
X:  Baboo will find the guy of her dreams, the perfect guy and she wants to marry him and he proposes and they get married.
Baboo:   Kelvinator to have success with his valentine's day swag since he has more confidence than the rest of us when it comes to that.

13.  What's your favorite part of Valentine's Day?

Wink:  How everyone cares about each other and gives and loves.
Pink:  Well I have a lot but my mainly one.  I mean I have two mainly ones.  Is showing my love and also giving treats to others.  Showing that you love them either as a friend or a family member or as a really bad crush.  I mean a really good crush.
Mack:  Pretty much when you get all the candy.  Wait, mom, do they have valentines parties in middle school?  (I don't think so.)  Ok, then, probably watching people give out valentines to each other.
K:  Well if you were an elementary schooler, then it would be getting candy.  For high schoolers it's like the dance and the same for middle schoolers.  So dances and getting candy.
X:  Getting chocolate.
Baboo:  I have to say my favorite?  Not my least favorite?  It's cute to see couples who have been together for a while court each other.

14.  Tell me how much you love me.

Wink:  Too much.  And I can't stop loving.
Pink:  That's so hard because there's so much things that I love about you.  Like, I love how you're sweet and that you sing awesome and that you give a lot of ideas to people and that you make sure that they stay alive and you help them if they're sad and stuff.  And you make sure that they don't say swear words and stuff.  There's so much more.  But I don't want to say them.  Because some of them it's hard to explain.  Are you putting this on Beautopotamus?  Yay!
Mack:  Picture the universe.  Picture all the universes, if there are that many.  Picture that there are infinity universes.  Space them out 50 googolplexes miles away, all infinity.  That's how much I love you.
K:  As much as Heavenly Father loves everyone of his children combined.
X:  Beyond knowing.  Impossible to calculate.  E does not equal MC squared.  I don't even know what that means.  It's infinity, never-ending
Baboo:  This is such a mom question.  A Real Beautopotmus mom question is what I mean by that.  Enough to know that I better make this juicy if I know it's going on the blog!  I don't know how to answer that.  If someone asks you how much do you love me, you say, "like a ton!"  I'm sorry I don't know how to answer that question.  It's a hard question for me.  I love you a lot mom.

08 February 2016

My White Journal

Before I got married, I was an avid keeper of memories.  It was not uncommon for me to hand-write ten pages in my journal every day.  I had kept journals here and there sporadically all the time I was growing up.  But from about 15 to 20 I was totally serious.  I think my last legitimate entry was about my wedding, which I believe I wrote several weeks later.

And then....nothing.  I just completely stopped journalling.  I had nothing to say and no reason to write it down.  I can't say I remember exactly what I was thinking about it at the time.  But in retrospect, I think I just felt like there was nothing more to say.  Nothing interesting happening.  Plus I was more likely to talk to my husband than to write anything down.  I had someone to always tell things to and process things with.

I had actually purchased a new journal for me to write in as a married woman.  All my previous journals had been black.  This one was white.  But I just never did.


One day I was so mad at my husband!  And there was no one to tell.  So I pulled out that journal and wrote it all down.  Got it all out.

And the next time my husband made me angry, I pulled out that journal and worked through it all.

And the next time.

And the next.

That poor, neglected white journal doesn't have very many entries.  But the few entries it does have are only angry and mean.  Are they a real reflection of what I felt at the time?  Absolutely.  And are those feelings valid and true?  Yep.  And yet it's a lopsided record.  And who wants a journal of all the darkest times with none of the good stuff?

I don't know what I'm going to do with that journal.

Clearing out my phone

I came into Baboo's room to talk with her and she just looked so beautiful lying bundled up in bed while we talked.  I pretended like I was messing with my phone so I could take a candid a photo.

X putting beads in Kelvinator's hair for the first time.  Have I mentioned it that X has been wearing beads in his hair non-stop for a couple of months now?

Kelvinator at the orthodontist getting springs put in.  Here only half of the springs were put in so they were hanging out the sides of his mouth until they got attached.

I showed up at Kelvinator's school to meet with his counselor about high school registration.  He stared at me like I was crazy and then told me that I looked better without lipstick.  So I asked Baboo her opinion and sent her this photo of myself so she could tell me if I looked bad.  I really like the photo.

The Hubba got contact lenses.  So I wore mine yesterday, too.  We took this photo which is likely the only photo of both of us together where you can actually see our faces uninhibited.

07 February 2016

Little Things

*  Kelvinator and Mack having a text-rap battle on their phones.

*  X giving both boys advice on how to be better text-rappers.

*  Kelvinator repeatedly telling me how beautiful I am lately.

*  The Hubba and I were getting dinner ready in the kitchen, just goofing off in there while we cooked and Kelvinator was watching us from the family room...

K (laughing):  I love my parents!

*  I didn't write about it when it happened, but a little over a month ago, the pot in my crock pot cracked.  I forgot that it was broken and then a couple weeks later bought a bunch of ingredients to make crock pot meals.  I posted on facebook about how I had done that and then a day or two later someone doorbell ditched us with a new crockpot.  It was fun to receive it!

*  Laughing with my family at the dinner table.

*  Forecasted sunny weather in the 50s this week!

*  Mostly sleeping through the night again.

*  The kids and I all really enjoy survival stories!

*  Reading a new book to the little kids and in the new book, they actually mentioned the last book we just read together.  It was kind of cool and exciting!


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