30 October 2014

The Truth About the Beautopotamus Curly-Heads

1.  I am talking about Me, Baboo, Wiyah, JJ, X, Kelvinator, Pink and Wink.  Mack's hair has a little wave to it but it doesn't count.  Kelvinator used to have straight hair, but then it turned thickly wavy and is well on its way to full on curls.  X's hair used to be straight when he was a toddler, too.  But it has steadily been changing and after years of an intermediate texture that defied any kind of styling, he now has a full on fro that looks great.

2.  No matter how many times you may READ that with curly hair you are supposed to use a wide-toothed comb, it is a lie.  When my big boys have short fros, they can get by with picking it out.  And  you can still comb Kelvinator's hair.  But really, there is no way to get through these locks without a strong brush.  A comb ain't doin' nothin' for nobody's head.  Although once the hair is completely brushed through and free of tangles, you could use a comb for styling purpose--for instance, separating and lifting curls.

3.  The best brush to use is a cushion brush.  Something with bristles closer together will not go through more than the first layer of hair.  A hard plastic brush with no cushion will take forever to get the tangles out and hurt while you're doing it.  One of those circular brushes?  Don't even think about it unless you want to have to cut it out of your hair with scissors after the second stroke.  Yes, you will need a cushion brush.  And lots of them.  We go through several brushes a year because all those curls and tangles?   They will break the brush.  Not even kidding.  We have broken so many brushes because you are applying so much force that when the bristles get stuck on a snag, your hand just keeps going and the brush breaks in half.  Pinkleberry actually started crying one day when the brush broke in her hair, "I always break brushes!  I wish I had straight hair!"  It was sad.

4.  Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure every curly head in the family wants straight hair.

5.  Because of the riotous curls and tangles, the girls with long hair can never leave their hair down while sleeping.  That is very, very, VERY bad.  And it could actually take hours the next day to work out all the tangles.  In fact, all of the girls have to put their hair up every single day.  Because just leaving it hanging there off your head makes it get very frizzy/poofy which not only doesn't look great, but also means tangles to reckon with later.  So it's always up in pony tails, braids, twists, buns, corn rows.  Anything to keep the strands tame and not in a position to knot when they rub up against their neighbor.

6.  Conditioning your hair is a necessity.  Some conditioners have an ingredient (I don't know what it is) that makes hair very slippery and aids in detangling.  Other conditioners do not.  YOu have to get the first kind.  The brand I've been using for years is Pantene Relaxed & Natural.  But sometimes I'll do something cheaper.  V05 is usually less than a buck and still has the detangling capabilities.

7.  Moisturizing is also a must.  Any time your hair has been wet, you must moisturize.  It helps tame frizz and poof and just makes the hair look healthier and not so dry.  The boys' barber for the past decade has told us that curly hair is naturally dryer than straight hair.  I will vouch for that.  We have to constantly replenish the oils lost in washing.  It's easy to tell which kid has moisturized and which has not.  (Kelvinator is an exception.  Maybe his hair isn't curly enough yet...)

8.  I recently relaxed Wiyah's hair and it looks great.  She has several different textures to her that made it hard to manage.  The relaxer evened out the texture, but still left some curls and some volume.

9.  When styling, it's imperative that you have water and moisturizer on hand.  Doing any type of brushing/combing/styling on dry curls is the WORST.  The SOUND alone drives me crazy.  But with a wet head fresh from the shower or a dry head with a spray bottle nearby it makes detangling easier, faster and less painful and the style at the end looks neater and more polished.  There's almost no point to styling a dry head of our curly hair.  Unless you're going for the afro.


After breakfast and family scripture and prayer, everyone disbursed to finish getting ready for the morning.  As the Hubba turned the corner to go up the stairs he was greeted by this scene...

Malcolm was lying face down on the stairs pulling himself up by just his arms.
Wink:  I SAID, "What is paralyzed legs??"

29 October 2014

Thoughts I Done Thunked This Day

I was leaving the office today and enjoying all the fall colors.  Fall is traditionally not my favorite season as it is often wet and/or cold and basically the harbinger of winter which IS my least favorite season of all.  But this year has been pleasant so far with great sunny weather that really hasn't gotten below the 70s yet.  So I was able to really appreciate the beauty of all that used to be green around me.  The world looked like it was on fire.  My favorite thing in the fall is the "snow cone trees."  Obviously that's not really their name.  But that's what I've taken to calling it when  the colors of a tree are dark red at the top, then fading to yellow and finally to green at the bottom (or sometimes from side to side).  It reminds me of the way the colors of a snow cone mix together...

So I was appreciating this at the same time I was thinking about talents and how even the things I do relatively well, there's always someone else who can do them better.  And it makes me feel dissatisfied and jealous and like if someone can do something better than I can, that somehow the thing I CAN do is meaningless.  Like it only counts if you're the best in the world.

And I was reflecting on how everybody has different talents and abilities and I was secretly wishing that I had more or better abilities.  I was thinking of all those things that other people do so well that I do not.

Then I started thinking about what God was like.  Particularly I was thinking about the way certain people handle difficult situations and that maybe that was more God-like than the way other people handled difficult situations.  (And how I wished I could be like them.)  And that led me to thinking that we are all made in the image of God.  And God is huge!  He is everything.  And there is not one person on earth that can embody all that God is.  We are finite.  He is eternal.  We have limits.  He is limitless.

And I had a picture in my mind of all of Heavenly Father's children created in his image.  Not that each individual was a complete representation of him, but that each child had a few of his characteristics.  Several or more, even.  But none of us got all.

I pictured that when all of us children are together, we DO have all of the attributes of God.  And that made me think of the sealing power and the necessity to bring the gospel to the whole world and why we need to bring the whole human family back to God and not just ourselves.  Because everyone has something that we need.  Maybe this is the importance of unity.  Maybe we cannot fulfill the commandment to be perfect without be unified.  Maybe that's what the City of Enoch achieved.


This evening I was washing dishes when the Hubba and a few random kids came back from picking out pumpkins to carve.

X immediately walked in and came up behind me with a two-armed, full body hug.  He repeatedly kissed my cheek and told me how much he loved me.  Then he said, "Dad, are you jealous?"

The Hubba replied, "Actually, yes."

And he came up on my other side and hugged me and kissed my other cheek, and told me he loved me.

Then John came up behind them as they were leaving and said, "She's My mother!"  And gave me a sweet hug.

27 October 2014


This is one of those posts where I'm emptying out the random photos from my phone.  I have to put them SOMEWHERE.

Wiyah is taking ballet until she leaves for Canada.

In these photos her big little bro, X, is helping her with her stretching/flexibility.

Pinkleberry and I ended up out just the two of us running errands.  We inspected all the Halloween and Christmas (sigh!) displays at the store while I waited for a prescription.  We're still working on the just-because-you-see-it-and-like-it-doesn't-mean-we're-buying-it thing.  But it was still a lot of fun.  We had fun trying on masks!

I do not even know.  Except that X came home from school today looking like this.  Some kind of hairdo booth at school?   I should also probably take this moment to note that for the past couple of months X has been hanging out with a group of friends who seem to be predominantly girls who like to play with his hair.  (eye roll)  Can you just see it?  "X, let me play with your hair!"  Barf.

JJ said that he went to the booth and asked if they could straighten his hair.  They looked at his hair and said....no.

I remember snapping these pics.  It was just some random day and I thought it was sweet all the tenderness among my oldest men folk.

X was just lounged out with his legs on his bro and his papa playing with his curls.

Pink wanted her hair straightened one day.  You see those bangs?  They were cut by an 8 year old neighbor a few weeks ago.  Grrrrrr.

This is what natural "bangs" look like on curly-headed people.  Good things she's cute any way you cut her!

This year for general conference, we tried something new.  We put pictures of prophets and apostles on the wall and any time they asked us to DO something, we made note of it so we can remember.

I think I may have already posted these pictures?  Can't remember.  Too lazy to look.

But they are showing off Wiyah's new haircutting skillz that she learned from youtube.  Amazing!

Winkleberry looking cute one Sunday.
Mack playing hard at soccer a couple months ago.  That black armband signifies that he was team captain that day.  He was so thrilled!

At the tail end of summer, Mack got to go boating with his best friend Zo and Zo's family.  They are so good to my Mack.


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